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Joint pain and osteoarthritis patients tell of their experience with FLEXISEQ. The following testimonials are unscripted accounts that are submitted through our pharmacy endorsed testimonial scheme Real Life User Trial

Flexiseq has given me my life back. I have suffered from excruciatingly painful and debilitating osteoarthritis in my knees for many years. I’m using it five weeks and virtually all the swelling has gone from my knees, the stiffness has gone, and all the pain has gone. I am now able to walk properly, and go up and down stairs and slopes without the need to hang onto anything — for the first time in years. Lynn Fern, 56, Organic farmer, Cardiganshire
I tell you what — it really works. For me it's been brilliant — I've had amazing results from it and my arthritis was impacting on my job. The pain is gone, and my mobility is getting better and better. Sue Sharp, 53, Nursery nanny, Surrey
I have osteoarthritis. The doctor had given quite a few different gels, and none of them helped at all. I was using painkillers, paracetamol, and then co-codamol, which had bad side effects for me, so the gel I found absolutely fantastic. I feared I was becoming housebound, that’s how bad the pain was. But the gel has allowed me to get on with my life. I can go out again. Ann Ramsay, 74, Pensioner, Renfrewshire
The gel is working a treat. No more pain and more mobility in my knee and toe, which has stopped me from wearing high heels for years. I did try some heels on recently and I was strutting around Marks and Spencer saying ‘look at this’. Delighted! Kath Chapman, 64, Grandmother, Essex
I’ve recommended it to everybody. I have arthritis all over my body, but it’s worst in my knees. I’ve tried everything... even with cortisone injections the pain wouldn’t really go away, so Flexiseq is marvellous, it really, really is. Patricia Fuller, 73, Pensioner, Tyne & Wear
I used to have to wear supports on my knees, I really hated them. But I don't need them anymore, which is brilliant. I really like walking so Flexiseq has made a real difference. It's definitely helped me. Dawn Taylor, 42, Chef, Worcester
It's the only thing I've tried — and I've tried everything — that's worked. It's really very good. I have led a very active life, enjoying squash, skiing and golf, so arthritis has been a curse. But with Flexiseq the results have been astounding. I can now play a round of golf. Chris Woodcock, 63, Businessman, Bucks
I don't get burning and aching at night time like I used to. The pain used to wake me up most nights. Now I sleep the whole night through. Flexiseq has definitely got rid of that. Douglas Jackson, 83, Businessman, Worcester
I’m a hands-on coach, so I’d be up and down off my knees three or four hundred times a night in training. I’ve had operations in both knees because of arthritis, so Flexiseq made a huge difference to me. I have a hell of a lot more mobility. Rodney Dalzell, 45, Goalkeeping coach, Belfast
I find Flexiseq very good. I've eased off it at the minute as it’s off-season, but whenever I go back training, doing impact sessions, I start up on it again. Paul O'Hea, 29, Pharmacist and Gaelic football star, Derry
My knees were all but destroyed. I was in a motorbike accident when I was a teenager. Flexiseq has changed my life for the better. If you can avoid it, don't have surgery. Use Flexiseq. Ken Brooks, 49, Osteopath, Worcester
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