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World Arthritis Day

Wednesday 12th October 2016 was World Arthritis Day. Amid news that Robbie Williams suffers from arthritis, Flexiseq wanted to help raise awareness of the day. Over the past year we’ve spoken to a number of people with arthritis and, despite their stiff joints, aches and pains, they never fail to inspire us. So here, in one neat and tidy place, are all of the quotes and images we put out on #WorldArthritisDay to celebrate those living in the face of arthritis.


"Get informed, get support and get active…"
#Arthritis Care


"I don't deserve this award, but I have #arthritis and I don't deserve that either.” Comedian Jack Benny @ArthritisDay#WADStory


“I knew I had #arthritis through my golf grip. Anything that affects that is a problem.” Roy Edwards #WADStory

"Grandkids keep you very active, and they keep me young. I get involved as much as possible." Honor Taylor


"I've got #arthritis in my hands. They don't look bad but pain can be so severe. Don't judge on looks alone.” Marie Gillies #WADStory


Here's to all who find strength through the pain #WADStory#Arthritis


"You take your mobility for granted until it is taken away.” Ursula Malewski


"I call my #arthritis Arthur because it’s a bit like having a split personality, you give it a persona." @CookArthritis#WADStory       


"When you have #arthritis you have to keep moving."


No one was writing parts for an arthritic actress, so Rosalind Russell decided to create her own... @ArthritisDay#WADStory


No one was writing parts for an arthritic actress, so Rosalind Russell decided to create her own... @ArthritisDay#WADStory      


"Writing about #arthritis helped me come to terms with it. It's about breaking down beliefs people have" @ErickaWaller1#worldarthritisday


"Be Kind To Yourself."


"#Arthritis can have you feeling like the tin man" Kate Lawson @ArthritisDay#WADStory#worldarthritisday


"With invisible illnesses, people may not understand/be able to help unless you tell them you’re suffering" @SimonRStones#worldarthritisday


Gloria Gaynor suffered from #arthritis during Hollywood's era of refusing to talk about age. Now, she educates others #worldarthritisday


Blogger @ErickaWaller1 on parenting with #arthritis


“It does sometimes feel like you have a bad tempered toddler in charge of your body.” @CookArthritis#WADStory#Arthritis#worldarthritisday


Philosophical musings on #WAD - #WADStory#arthritis#worldarthritisday 


"We make the best of the good days and the bad days we manage as best we can." Vicki Casserly


French icon #EdithPiaf had severe #arthritis. Despite her condition she became a legendary performers #worldarthritisday


@MichaelKuluvaKuluva created a high #fashion collection inspired by arthritis detection tests


"I have to do something every day to keep it moving. When I’m static it gets bad." Joe Swift



"I had painkillers but I really didn’t like taking them." Audrey Jarrott on arthritis pain relief


"Kites rise highest against the wind, not with it." Winston Churchill #WAD#Arthritis #worldarthritisday

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