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Testimonial Tuesday: Hands/Fingers

Whether it’s on the computer at work, holding a golf club or simply texting, our hands are in constant use. Alongside knees, arthritis most commonly affects the joints in the fingers and hands...this is where Flexiseq comes in. Here are four Flexiseq converts who now swear by it:

1. Alan Whittington

“I have arthritis in my right index finger top joint. As well as being uncomfortable I wasn’t able to clench my fist. Flexiseq gradually eased my condition to the point where I can close that finger to about 90%. As a golfer my condition was painful and effected my game because I couldn’t hold a club correctly (or any other device for that matter like gardening tools). Now I don't even have to think about this finger.”

2. Richard Croft

“I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my finger joints. I followed the instructions on the box of Flexiseq and after using my second tube I no longer have that terrible pain. I thoroughly recommend this product.”

3. Bridget Cass

“Flexiseq is absolutely amazing. The swelling in my hands has gone right down. I have arthritis in my hands; the top of my fingers get lumpy, but not since I’ve used the gel. There are lots of things I couldn’t do before and can now, so Flexiseq has been great. I couldn’t do the hoovering, or use the sweeper, which are now all possible. My son and daughter both have arthritis and they use it too.”

4. Joanne Witzenfeld

“I've been using Flexiseq on my arthritic fingers for a month and the pain has greatly really works and is so easy to use. Fantastic.”



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